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  • Thank you Dr. Servantez and Staff. You are a Rock Star! For taking care of Duke. Those of you looking for a Vet, this is the place. If Duke had one, He would also give them a thumbs up!
    Joe L.
  • Amazing vet! It was extremely easy to set an appointment as a first time client, and I admire the precautions they took in regards to the pandemic. Upon arriving at the vet we called the front...
    Christina C.
  • Initially came to Dr. Raj 3 years ago for my Dog to get his annual physical and he was my pet's vet. My dog had an accident and had a spinal injury, but Dr. Raj was not open on Sundays when this happened late 2020 so we were panicking and took him to another vet and since then we didn't come back to see Dr. Raj because the other vet had my pet's health records. NOTE: WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH DR. RAJ TO BEGIN WITH. I had to come back to Dr. Raj for my dog's health screen recently because I was not happy with the way the other vet was communicating with me and Dr. Raj, just as he was 3 years ago, still the same doctor and communicated right away even after 3 years of me not coming back with my pet. Dr. Raj knew the situation and he knew I was most likely not coming back to see him again because I live on the east coast, and he was still attentive and followed through with his words and services. He took the time to call me back and explained the situation with my pet and his staff was attentive. I felt bad because I was probably being super annoying by calling them multiple times through the day to get lab results and I am sure there are lots of us out there that love our animals would do the same thing and they get used to it, but it didn't stop them from following through. Lab results take time to get back to the doctor and as he promised me, Dr. Raj did call back and helped me with my pet's situation. My pet was safe to travel and I was able to take him back to the east coast with me, so I can better take care of him since he is old. I also want to mention, I realized when I had to come back to his office to pick up more medicine, and his patient line was out the door! The fact he had so many patients waiting , and he picked up the phone to speak to me for 5 mins- that meant the world to me, so thank you Dr. Raj and team! Thank you Dr. Raj for your communication and attention to detail. You were honest with me about the quality of health for my pet, and I can't express how much gratitude I have for your services. I know you were super busy that day as I imagine all your days are busy, and the fact you took time out of your day to give me 5 mins of your time to go over your lab findings made all the difference to me, so I thank you!!! Your time is much appreciated and thank you to your staff for being attentive!
    Caitie Q