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At We Talk Pets! Animal Hospital, cat and dog vaccinations are a part of life. They are necessary to keep our pets healthy so they can live a long and happy life with us! A few simple vaccinations a year keep our pets from getting diseases that may harm them (or even kill them). Why wouldn’t you want to vaccinate your pet from these awful diseases?

Not only can these vaccines keep your pet healthy, but they can protect the health of the human members of your family since some pet illnesses can be transferred to humans. Just like with humans, vaccinations have advanced exponentially in recent years to last longer and to also be more specific to your pet’s needs, with less frequent necessity.

To determine how often to vaccinate your pet, you need to also consider your pet’s lifestyle and activities. While many vets stick to a once a year vaccination schedule, many more are adapting to the newer standards that require vaccinations less often than that. If your dog is frequently in contact with other dogs or has a certain predisposition to getting a certain disease, they may need a more frequent vaccination schedule.

It is our goal at We Talk Pets! Animal Hospital to keep our pets as healthy as possible by vaccinating them!

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