Spay and Neuter Services In Upland, CAThere are a huge number of very good reasons for why you want to spay or neuter your pets. It’s quite simply, one of the best possible things you can do as a pet owner! It’s not only the responsible thing to do, but it’s truly a great way of giving love and happiness to your pets in the long run and helping them out for life. If you live in Upland, CA, here’s a quick overview of our spay and neuter services and what they do for your pets!


First, spaying and neutering your pets can help tremendously with their health. If your Upland cat or dog gets spayed or neutered, you can significantly reduce their risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. Additionally, they can also help avoid specific and potentially deadly diseases such as pyometras.
There is also the added benefit of a lengthened lifespan. Spaying and neutering pets has been statistically shown to help them live longer.


There is also the huge benefit of behavioral issues that are reduced or eliminated when spaying/neutering your pets. Whether it’s in Upland, CA or anywhere else, not neutering or spaying your dog or cat can lead to serious behavioral issues! This is especially true of male dogs and cats who otherwise might spray or exhibit aggressive or destructive behavior.

It’s also help with other forms of unpredictable behavior that can lead to injury or even death for pets. For example, dogs and cats who have not been spayed/neutered are much more likely to do things like get into fights, run away, or risk going into the road and getting hit by a passing car.


Another benefit of getting your pet spayed or neutered is happiness. When your pet is healthy, safe, and absent of dangerous behavior, both of you will be much happier as a result.
Overall, this produces a much better result for you and your pet! If any reason motivates you, it should be increased happiness for both of you.


Finally, there is the benefit of reducing overpopulation. This is not a problem unique to Upland! All over the country, dogs and cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered are breeding far more than they should. This has led to a significant and unmanageable level of overpopulation.

As a result of this, many dogs and cats become unwanted and can’t find a home! This has led to a very serious problem of healthy animals being euthanized because there is simply no room for them. Spaying and neutering your pets can keep them from contributing to this problem of overpopulation.